Loot-Merchant allow you to pre-order all your favourite items once announced and are subject to pre-order rules and conditions.

  • If your order contains both currently stocked items aswell as pre-order items, the entire order will be held until the preorder item release before being shipped - please order seperately if you are not happy to wait.
  • The release date of an item is just an estimate and can be subject to change due to unforseen circumstances such as shipping and supply issues.
  • Pre-order items will be shipped as soon as we get them and are subject to the the rules above.

Pokémon TCG

Due to the ongoing high demand of Pokémon TCG, allocations are currently imposed by the distributor and allocation numbers are not usually known until closer to the release date of any given expansion.

While we will do our best to manage preorders taken, there may be the rare occasion where enough stock couldn't be secured, in the event this takes place we will offer full refunds to affected customers.

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